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Red Bull HQ Stunning Design

  • Written by Administrators

Central London is full of companies who use their office space to impressive effect, including Google and their vibrant campus in the technology quarter. One of the most famous brands to put down office roots in London, however, is Red Bull.

When they acquired their 1,860 square metre co-working office in central London, Red Bull enlisted the help of architects Jump Studios to create an office design that stood out from the crowd.

Situated in trendy Soho and spanning three floors of a renovated 19th century office, the resulting space stimulates the body and mind of employees and visitors alike. Clean, crisp design elements, an eye catching colour palette and exciting materials like carbon fibre and metal create a sense of adrenalin that’s synonymous with the brand and, most importantly, creatse a fun place for employees to work.

Red Bull office desk

 “This [carbon fibre] element is evocative of the trace patterns left by skaters, snowboarders, stunt planes, race cars and bikes,” says Jump Studios director Simon Jordan. “It symbolises Red Bull’s commitment to placing adrenalin sport at the heart of its business.”

Each of Red Bull’s headquarters are designed to a different theme – the Toronto headquarters is made from reclaimed materials, the Santa Monica office is set around a skate ramp, their Cape Town premises is a space designed to represent the people who make up the brand and their Netherlands office is all about geometry and wood that draws on the buildings industrial roots. In London however, Jump Studios went above and beyond to create a working environment that was built around not just Red Bull’s sporting background, but its ethos of making impossible things possible.

red Bull office

Rather than entering conventionally onto the ground floor visitors’ first experience of this unique building is the sleek social zone, a floor that incorporates a rounded bar, set of three collaborative office spaces that actually appear to be floating, and a spacious terrace with stunning views over London’s West End.


Red Bull meeting room


“For us, this represented an ideal starting point for both employees and visitors alike, as a way for them to experience the building,” says Simon. “The benefit is an open, efficient, dynamic and connected workspace.”

From there they take the lift through an open ‘void’ punctuated by a TV wall, floating staircase and huge carbon slide.

It isn’t hard to imagine that the experience feels like Red Bull has indeed given you wings, and that this is a company who are dynamic, raring to take on any challenge and who really care about their company culture.

But for all of its edginess and fun, the Red Bull office doesn’t forget why it’s there. Spacious meeting rooms decorated with accents of the brand’s signature red, and collaborative working areas of comfy chairs and desks provide plenty of scope for employees to spread out and really get stuck into their creative work; the lifeblood of an effective co-working space.

Image credits: Jump Studios

Victoria Crawcour graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a degree in Interior Design. She can be found putting her degree to good use at www.deskcentre.co.uk; designing office interiors for commercial and corporate fit out projects.