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About London Workspace

Why are we different?

At London Workspace, we have a friendly but professional approach to London office agency. We only ever act on behalf of tenants and never for landlords, so you know we will always have your best interests at heart. Being focused entirely on the tenant, means our emphasis is always on creating the best deal possible for you, while remaining free from any conflict of interest and completely unbiased.

If you're anything like us, you probably spent most of your time in your office, so it's vital that you have a pleasing and convenient environment for your staff to work in, to increase productivity and keep everyone happy. We also know the importance of negotiating the best possible least terms on any property you obtain, to make it a sensible and viable business decision. Property is most likely to be one of a business's highest monetary outgoings, after staff costs, and therefore should be considered in a similar way - as a valuable asset. We base our services and advice on these principles and will always work closely with our clients to ensure that we are implementing property strategies which will maximise the success of your business.

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Do you really need an agent?

With over 500 individual commercial property agencies in London all advertising available office space, sourcing a new office can be an incredibly time consuming process for your business. Unlike the residential sector, there is no central reference database allowing companies to search all availability. London Workspace can reduce your frustrations and streamline this process by conducting all the searches on your behalf. We completely reduce the time you would spend trawling through countless websites and make this a cost effective and time efficient process.

When it comes to negotiating the best deal, the leases can be very complex and confusing. Our agents, with a wealth of experience in the industry, are trained to spot any obstructive clauses and wording that could cost your business money in the long run. Over 80% of tenants, who acquire office space in London, are represented by an agent. You will even find that landlords in the commercial sector are unwilling to negotiate with unrepresented businesses. Our agents will use their extensive knowledge, and years of experience in the commercial industry to ensure you get the most cost effective and tenant-friendly deal possible.

London Workspace strives to remove frustrations, offer unbiased advice and negotiation and provide complete access to all available office space in London.