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Google Campus London

  • Written by Administrators

March 2012 saw the opening of a new co-working office space powered by Google in the hearth of technology quarter in London.

Google Campus- London

The campus has been created in partnership with other start-ups facilities including Tech-Hub (community and workspace provider for entrepreneurs), Seedcamp (an investment mentoring in which companies compete to get investment for their company) and Central Working (a co-working club).

The Campus is situated next to the Silicon Roundabout, between Old Street and Shoreditch in East London. The location also known as Tech city, has become the home of a huge number of start-up tech companies such as TweetDeck.  With help from the the government  who is also investing heavily in these tech start-ups admitting “the huge potential of online industry and the growth it will have leading London as a centre of online businesses in Europe. “

The Google Exec Eze Vidra said “around this area two years ago there were only 200 start-ups, now there are 700”.

The goal of the Campus is to provide cheap real estate for start-ups in a city where the cost of renting is very expensive. The campus is on seven floors and provides a wide range of services to satisfy different needs including a café’, the Google space, roof top terrace open to residents on top of the building, events to strengthen the idea of community and to help members to improve their knowledge and encourage them to collaborate with each other.

It also offers a mentoring programme in which Google helps members by sharing the knowledge they have learnt by working in UK and Europe over the years.

It is the largest tech hub is Europe and its activity is just behind New York and Silicon Valley. It can host more than 100 start-ups company under the same roof coming from all over Europe.  All the events going on every day, make the Google Campus not only a busy place, but also the perfect place for a start-up to grow.

The activity of Google Campus will help the government to pursue its vision of creating the perfect European Tech Hub to host start-ups and mentor them in a contest of culture and art in the heart of East London.

The Google Campus is growing fast by acquiring new members and creating a solid community of digital entrepreneurs and young tech companies, boosting the activity and the importance of the Tech City in London.